In this section you will find major whitepapers produced by Onio. Given the vastly different projects and companies we work with, the papers tend to reflect the unique emphasis of our work - design-led systems thinking across products, services, brands and experiences.

1 PACKAGING: Monologue on Packaging & Innovation in India
2 TELEPHONY SCENARIO: Mobile Telephony in India-2015 Scenarios
3 BRAND STRATEGY: Quick Checklist on Brand Strategy
4 USER RESEARCH: Customer Voice Mapping Techniques at Onio
5 TRENDS & STRATEGY: What's in a trend?
    Published Articles
1 Design in India- An overview : Business Week 2007
2 Retail Trends in India: GDR Creative Intelligence Report 2007
3 What do Indian Consumers Want: GDR Creative Intelligence Report 2008
1 Design and Innovation for India : Presentation at Korea Institute of Technology 2007
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