INDIANXT 2014- An update 
Indian market has started signs of next level of maturity and a sense of ‘quest for identity’. In the last two decade and a half, it has moved along the consumption curve to become a market for organized innovation. This years’ Megatrend conference & workshop- IndiaNxt 2014 witnessed some intense discussions around the megatrend "Identity". IndiaNxt is an annual event organized by Onio Design Pvt. Ltd. to bring together diverse consumer facing organisations to explore and strategize megatrends for India.

For 2013-14, Onio organized the annual Megatrend conference, “IndiaNxt 2014- Megatrend and innovation strategy workshop + conference” in the spring season of Delhi. The speakers from trend-setting domains covered the directions for India. Alongside the insight from cross-domain speakers, participants were involved in trends thinking group activities. These activities were spread across the two day agenda. The Gamified process for the workshop was carved out from Onio’s TRENDSCOPE method of conducting a workshop.

Speakers from cross-domain backgrounds elucidated the need for contextual solutions for Indian market. It is finally beginning to dawn upon global brands that it is the ‘flavor of authenticity’ from 'local' material that entices the Indian consumer today and not just the ‘global tag’ alone. One of the speakers, Mr. Dinesh Chandra, Brand consultant, cited the successful story of Starbucks in India, implementing regional flavor from interiors to food menu.
In one of the group activities in the workshop this was reinforced, “The trend is about confident and assured India which is asserting itself. Growth is no more just about metros, focus is shifting on creating regional identities”.

Mr. PRANAY GUPTA, Managing Partner, 91springboards (A start-up incubator & accelerator) elaborated the trends related to start-ups and technology, highlighting the role of virtual money. On the global side, Ms. Genevieve discussed 4 dimensions of luxury consumption in western market and comparing it with Asian markets. She is the Managing Director of Style-Vision, Shanghai/Nice and has been associated on Megatrend practice with Onio for past 8 years.

Later, the participants were immersed in co-creation activities to identify trends from selectively crafted leads from various domains. On the second day, participants ideated on megatrend-driven strategy thinking based on trends presented by Onio. This gave a holistic perspective on identifying trends and the applied thinking. The most interesting part was, on the second day, when participants in groups applied Onio trends to create business opportunities. These ideas ranged from community barter in "E-balcony" to internationalize the traditional "Dung and clay".

Onio helps Team Finland to map emerging opportunities in India 
Megatrend studies are gaining ground as a new business tool to map emerging social trends, consumption cues and business opportunities globally. Onio's megatrend practice has been usually tilted towards cultural and consumption insights for India. However, this year we successfully delivered a workshop focusing on mapping the business opportunities using megatrends.

This was a part of broader engagement with Team Finland on megatrend consulting. Participants included the Finnish embassy staff, the team from innovation counsellor's office and a few Finnish companies in India and the ambassador to India from Finland, himself. Workshop was conducted by Onio's Founder director and Principal Strategist- Manoj Kothari, in Onio's trademark 'gamified' style, that makes interaction and new synthesis a bit more engaging and fun.
Helping Startups at SLP (Startup Leadership Program) 
This was second year of Onio's association with SLP (Startup Leadership Program) where Manoj Kothari was invited to speak to the fresh batch of startups on 'designing the enterprise'. SLP is a global initiatives spread across several cities, where startups come together to upgrade themselves in business skills.

This batch of Pune chapter had varied startups ranging from dental services, child care services, social media and enterprise software to robotics. Some of the common concerns Manoj addressed were-
a) How to create better entry barriers in a service business?
b) what are the hall marks of a globally appreciated visual identity?
c) how to retain knowledge within the company with existing resources?
d) How to productise a service?
e) How to create investor friendly and smashing presentations?

Onio has been working with startups since long.
Announcing: INSIGHT INDIA 2012: NOV 23rd, Mumbai 

It has been a while!

Insight India, the megatrends & strategy conference is back. Our long time partner Style Vision and Onio is getting together again to organise Insight India 2012.

Insight India 2012 is an interactive conference to understand the megatrends and their impact on innovation strategy for India.

Megatrends study is increasingly becoming a tool of choice for organisations around the world, to chart out future strategy. Megatrends are the emergent changes in the society that are going to affect everything we do in our daily lives. MegaTrends are paradigm-shifting changes operating at the intersection of cultural, social, economic, political, technological, regulatory and market forces.

(File image of participants at previous Insight India at Delhi)

What are the key take-aways of this workshop?

Understanding this science of time 'megatrends' can help:
•evolve a better direction for product innovation
•bring fresh and original insipirations in the design
•understanding the emerging consumers
•understand employees better. Helps your recruit better.
•align the brand and the brand message to the changing times
•bring refreshing change in the service quality

Participants will get an exclusive summary of all presentations.

Learning from the other or parallel industries is an important part of megatrends.You get to network with cross-industry participants who are equally interested in understanding future and new methodologies.

When: 23rd Nov 2012
Where: Melhua The Fern Hotel, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai

Who Should Attend:
Business heads, Business Strategists, Product Planners, Designers, Entrepreneurs, Design researchers, Market researchers and Brand Managers

In the past, participants have been from wide ranging industries and institutions, including Volkswagen, Samsung, LG, Tata Motors, Tanishque, Symrise, Steelcase, Future Group, Godrej, Titan Watches, Unilever, ITC, P&G, Nokia, Financial Times, WeSchool, IIT Mumbai, NIFT Delhi, Copenhagen Institute of Future Studies & HPCL.

MORE: Brochure, Schedule, Speakers and Registration is at
Innovation and Co-creation at Onio 
Onio deploys several cutting-edge methods to elicit insights for innovation, beyond simple data analysis. Co-creation is one of the ways to engage the stake-holders (including the management, manufacturers, marketeers and most importantly- the users) into the process of problem solving and idea creation.
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