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Design Ethnography seeks to gain deep insights of users in their environments and an understanding of how they interact with different products, services & brands. In addition, it also seeks to reveal insights into how users share information about the problems and potential solutions of the products & services they use. Onio uses Design Ethnography and other proprietary anthropological methods to understand user psyche which in turn is helpful in creating leading products & services.

Brand experience today is interplay between brand language, cultural context of the consumer and product attributes. A seamless & uniform brand experience is therefore necessary. Through proprietary brand research frameworks like BEST & Intentiability, Onio address the brand from the consumers’ point of view. Onio delves deep into the brand ecosystem and presents holistic roadmaps for the brand vis-à-vis the competition.

Onio deploys Semantics Research to delve deep into the connotations between brands and products. Semantics Research helps connect the brand essence and thought with product design. Though customers buy a brand, it is ultimately the product which they interact with on a regular basis. Thus, the product must “live the brand’s values, attributes & promise”. This leads to positive brand experiences. With proprietary research frameworks like MUST and Intentiability amongst others, Onio helps orchestrate a seamless troika between the brand, product and user.

With years of experience in ideating, visualising, designing and creating many innovative products, Onio has strengths in rapid ideation. Onio is able to dock with clients’ product development teams and provides quick ideation or concepting. The result is rapid project cycles and an expedited design process. Onio can be the clients extended design team and provide world-class designs and concepts.

Design research for Titan Watches
Research & Concepts for Durables
CMF Research for Mobile Phone
Godrej- Product Semantics and Design
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Onio helps decipher mega trends i.e. large-scale paradigm changes sweeping societies, cultures and markets. These mega trends set the tone for emerging preferences of consumers for a multitude of products, services, brands & experiences. Using proprietary research models like MUST and Intentiability, Onio accurately decodes trends as they emerge and transforms them into precise design directions which impact product development.

Merely watching trends emerge isn’t enough. To get the pulse of trends, it’s important to experience them first-hand. Onio is well-versed in conducting trend tours across urban and rural India for a host of clients across industry verticals. Onio senses the future by closely observing and experiencing the environs of consumers. By deeply studying their daily lives, aspirations, psyche, values and root connect; Onio distils the knowledge thus gained into definite design implications.

A proprietary research framework designed by Onio, Intentiability helps indentify consumer segments based on their level of “root-connect” or “Indian-ness”. It studies relative sensitivity to upcoming trends. This model, specifically designed for India has helped many MNCs across diverse segments like white goods, consumer electronics, automotive and lifestyle make better sense of the Indian consumer. Intentiability is different in that it explores innovation gaps at the intersection of brand maturity, evolving lifestyle and cultural nuances.

Trend Research & Strategy for VW
Trend Research for Samsung
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With increasing standards, quality of life, and awareness levels, rural India is powering a mammoth consumption rally. What works in one region may not work elsewhere. Cultural context and user habits greatly impact product design. Many global products are altered / changed / modified by users to suit their experiences. Onio guides companies on building products & services which can be optimally contextualised and modified. Onio helps create new products & also fine-tunes existing offerings for this market. Onio partners with companies to create new products & services designed specifically for this market. RuralNxt provides full-spectrum services from researching, ideation, co-creation, visualisation all the way up to prototyping and piloting.

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